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Sanjog’s Interventions

Sanjog Theatre (2007 to date)

Theater is a powerful medium for presenting your ideas to the masses. Theater is used to show drama, music, comedy or tragedy and people related to these depending on their personal experiences. Interactive theater involves the audience as artists interact with audience by posing questions or seeking answers. Interactive theater takes the whole experience to another level were the interaction between the characters and the audience generates lasting impressions.

Children due to their innocence are easily able to imagine and perceive things with which adults have difficulty. Their creative power and ability to take risks, without being scared of the consequences, allows them to express and communicate their message in more meaningful manner, especially when these children are those who have faced these problems throughout their lives. Through their performance they bring their own personal experiences which gives genuineness and personal touch to the interactive theater.

Sanjog has many years’ experience to mobilize a team of motivated youth from the vulnerable communities and provided them training in participatory theatre. Many members of theater group were formerly Sanjog’s peer educators that usually are from communities where Sanjog establishes child center to provide children with a safe environment in which they can learn skills and get non-formal education.

SANJOG Theatre group is dedicated to learn the art of theatre and to use it as a tool to create awareness on taboo subjects prevailing in communities. They have performed in places such as Madrassah, parking lots, courtyard, drop-in-centers and on special children days such as universal children's day and child sexual abuse prevention day on issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender violence, child sexual abuse, substance abuse and trafficking. The team often consists of working youth, i.e. welders, car washers and rickshaw drivers. Many theater performances have been done in different cities mainly Quetta, Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. The group got many recognitions and award.