Because Every Child Matters...

Sanjog’s Interventions

Basti Panchyte (Christian Minority) 2007-2012

Sanjog implemented many activities during 7 years in Quetta in order to empower vulnerable children (male-female), particularly of ethnic and religious minorities. The goal was to enable children to combat all kinds of abuse and exploitation and empower them for a socially & economically sound life. Major activities were capacity building of community organizations, awareness raising, life skills education, non- formal education, technical skill building along with psycho-social counseling and medical aid.

Specific objectives of the intervention were:

  • To educate and mobilize community/ Stakeholders on child protection.
  • To provide services to ensure protection of children in child centers and outreach points.
  • To strengthen linkages among child protection organizations in Quetta.

Target Groups:

Children working under hazardous conditions as child domestic workers, carpet weavers and garbage collectors with age group of 5-18

Target Communities:

  • Families of marginalized children from Christian minority.
  • Owners of garbage depot, carpet weaving industries and home based industries

Target Areas were:

  • Government Primary Girls School (govt)
  • Fouji Foundation
  • Govt Girls Yayah Khan high School
  • Institutions & organizations intervening in targeted localities
  • Trade Testing Board
  • District Government Officials
  • Local, national and international organizations working on education, child labor, community mobilization and economic rehabilitation

Outcome of intervention:

  • 52 students pass exam of trade testing board annually
  • 50 students pass NFE course annually
  • 210 and 118 children attended the LSBE sessions in center and outreach respectively annually
  • 38 children counseled by Psycho Social Para Counseling Group sessions annually

These interventions were financially supported by Groupe Developpement and Embassy of Finland.