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Sanjog’s Interventions

Madadgaar Helpline (2012 - 2013)

Sanjog as a partner of LHRLA established Madadgaar Helpline in Quetta. Madadgaar is Pakistan’s first Helpline for children & women suffering from violence, abuse and exploitation. The goal of this helpline was to reduce violence against women & children and provide assistance to the victims, provide legal services to needy women and children, help government in implementation of international and national instruments, raise public awareness about the various abuses, build the capacity of partners and government agencies etc. The Helpline service consisted of a referral system devised by contacting service providers. Madadgaar team assessed the nature of help wanted by a caller and ensured assistance with referral service immediately. Madadgaar Helpline raised awareness on women & children rights and protection issues at community level as well as at law and policy making level by sharing information on gravity of the issue and impediments in accessing justice. The organization also raised voice on the behalf of victims against the gender biases, discriminatory practices and attitude towards women victims.