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We are bridging Dreams to Reality. Join us in transforming livelihoods, one village at a time, with expert guidance from KABIL and a deep commitment to sustainable progress. Discover how we're identifying challenges and creating opportunities in rural Assam!

About Us

Helping Rural Assam never doubt that they are Valuable and Powerful.

SANJOG, established on June 12, 2014, in Nalbari, Assam with a vision to bolster rural livelihoods, embarked on its journey by meticulously identifying livelihood challenges in rural Assam. With initial mentorship from KABIL, a seasoned NGO in rural livelihood promotion, SANJOG delved into addressing these issues.

In 2015, it intervened in Kamrup (R) villages, aiding marginal farmers in vegetable and horticulture farming by providing small pumps for irrigation, thus alleviating drudgery. Additionally, SANJOG facilitated the creation of water sources like tube and bore wells, enabling year-round farming.

Collaborating with ICAR-CPCRI, SANJOG expanded its repertoire by exploring remunerative plantation-based horticultural models suitable for Assam.

In 2017, SANJOG relocated its base to Nalbari, extending its interventions to underserved areas of Nalbari and Baksa districts, while concurrently drafting a ten-year Vision Document to tailor future interventions to the local context.

Piyush Saurabh Sharma, the driving force behind SANJOG, commenced his journey in grassroots NGO work in Nalbari, Assam, post-graduation in 2004. His early endeavors included coordinating emergency relief efforts for households in Nalbari and Baksa districts. Transitioning to independent consultancy in 2008, Sharma engaged in capacity building for grassroots NGOs and conducted various studies, notably in microfinance and rural economies. Joining KABIL in 2014, Sharma honed his expertise in rural livelihood promotion, laying the groundwork for SANJOG’s inception. Under KABIL’s guidance, he delved into promoting irrigation and village planning, eventually relocating SANJOG’s operations to Nalbari in 2017, focusing on marginalized households in the Baksa district, thus continuing his unwavering commitment to fostering rural livelihoods.


Our Reach

Households- 4000+

Villages- 50+

Blocks- 14+

Districts- 5+

And Counting

Theme: Enhancement of basic livelihood of small-scale and marginalized communities in rural areas.

Vision: A prosperous, empowered,  and just society in harmony with nature.

Mission: To work for transformative change among the marginalized.

Our Core Values: Transparency, Professionalism, Passion, and, Equality

Our Activities

Activities under XAMAHAR project​

Creating awareness among the farming communities about the importance of farm mechanization and bank linkage as well as registration of potential farmers on an Online platform.


Exposure visit cum training on mushroom production

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